Who is Charles Linden?

“What if I showed you that you can ‘switch off’ anxiety disorders simply, quickly and permanently using a simple process I call The Method?”

“The world’s leading authority on anxiety disorder recovery”
Hay House Publishing

CHARLES LINDEN, BA Hons., is an internationally renowned author and speaker in the field of anxiety disorder recovery and self-development.

He’s the author of over 100 programs, books, CD & DVD titles, websites and TV series, has created many home learning and residential programs and videos, and has appeared on and in, thousands of television and radio shows, newspapers, magazines and websites.

His books, programs and retreats have featured in thousands of titles and his reputation grows constantly in this ever increasingly frenetic and stress-inducing world.

Charles holds a degree in international media and other qualifications in similar fields but his passion for helping others was born of his childhood wish of becoming a surgeon, a wish left unfulfilled due to his severe anxiety and panic disorders during his youth.

Charles has developed many programs of learning since his recovery in 1997 and his flagship anxiety recovery program, The Linden Method, now has an international reputation on which Charles developed a government approved qualification in order to train Anxiety Recovery Specialists to address, what Charles calls, “The most influential health-related pandemic in the world”

Charles is referred to by one of his publishers, Hay House, as ‘The world’s leading anxiety recovery expert’. Despite his childhood, darkened by constant anxiety, panic, OCD, agoraphobia and phobias, Charles has overcome many obstacles to make his  dreams come true. Today he spends much of his time showing others how to do the same.

When he’s not traveling the globe delivering his uplifting message, Charles is writing, recording TV, video or audio from his bases in England and Spain.

Charles is a consultant, life coach and adviser to government organizations, actors, film stars, sports-people and clubs, theatres, corporates and many other organizations and people around the globe.

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Charles’ private practice in Harley Street London and in various locations across Europe and America, see clients from, literally, every corner of the globe fly to where he is to spend time with him and glean the essential knowledge he has in order to make fast and permanent recoveries. It is a regular occurrence for clients to fly across the world to spend a few hours with Charles.

“I adore what I do for a living. It all happened by chance but when we witness the transformations in people who, like me, were trapped, desperate and had almost given up, it lifts the soul. Anxiety recovery is simple, if you just do what the mind and body need.” Charles Linden 

The biggest problem we have is that there is only one Charles. If we could clone him, we would be able to send him in different directions and solve a huge problem. Calls come in from around the world from media agencies saying “our client can’t get on stage/the sports field/in front of the camera” and often Charles is asked to fly across the world to ‘fix’ the problem.

Despite Charles’ busy schedules, he always attends the Anxiety Recovery Retreats and oversees every single case in regular case management sessions with his team.

Jemma Kidd & CHarles for The Daily Mail

Charles strives to create and improve resources in order to make every person’s journey to recovery full and simple.

Despite the 160,000 plus sufferers he has helped with his programmes and the millions of people who have read his books and seen his videos, you will only find a handful of vaguely negative comments, this is testament to his ever increasing reputation to deliver what others can’t and to the fact that some people don;t like Charles ‘curing’ people. It’s like Winston Churchill said:

Winston Churchill

“You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.” Winston Churchill

The evidence for the work Charles does comes in the form of the thousands of testimonials he receives and the reputation he has for creating recovery where others have failed.

beth3-238x300 “Sufferers trust Charles, it’s that simple. Because of what he went through, sufferers and Charles have a report that most ‘medics’ can’t replicate. Charles’ power to cure people comes from, not only, his suffering or from developing The Linden Method but from both combined. Sufferers recognize themselves in Charles but, more importantly, they instantly know that he will show them the way to recover fully. If you suffer and you don’t listen to Charles’ advice, you are being a fool to yourself. I’ve never seen him fail to cure someone.” Beth Linden

The Linden group of companies

Linden Tree Corporation was formed to be the umbrella company for the Linden group of companies including Charles Linden Media Ltd and Anxiety Recovery Retreats Ltd. Lifewise Publishing LLC is the independently managed US and Canadian publisher of The Linden group of products.




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