TLM Program

Anxiety Recovery using the most simple and guaranteed Method in the world.

The Linden Method has been independently tested and found to be the most effective Method for Anxiety Disorders, Panic Attacks,  OCD, Agoraphobia and PTSD recovery… why?

This is because it is the only program to address the subconscious mind directly, switching off FEAR at its core and reversing the formation of Anxiety Disorders.

Why does it work so effectively?

Because The Linden Method is the only Anxiety and Panic Disorder  elimination program that provides both a proven recovery program and supports you with unlimited, seamless access to qualified professional help throughout your recovery.

Independently tested by research psychologists, time tested and respected and so simple that children of seven do it with ease.

The Linden Method conforms to psychological principals discovered over 80 years ago by the pioneers of the psychology of emotion and behavior, William James, Karl Lange, Burrhus Friedric Skinner and John Broadus Watson. The discoveries of these men are now revered as the cornerstone of modern psychology.  The Linden Method is the only program to use them in this way.

Endorsed By Leading Psychologist and Doctors

The Linden Method is endorsed and recommended by eminent and  respected Doctors and Psychologists such as  Dr Rolumo Valdez,  Dr Alan Norris (link) Dr George Best (link)Dr Claire Bolton (link) Psychologists Jenny Saunders and Sarah Coates (links)and hundreds of referring psychologists and medics from around the world.
Charles is called on by governments, celebrities, doctors, psychologists and clinics – he is referred to as the world’s number one stress and anxiety expert – see item 10 below

Used by Government Health Organisations – The Linden Method has undergone government trials with dramatic results
Producing above 96% cure – The Linden Method CURES over 96% who use it – NO other program produces this level of results. The only reason for failure is not doing it.
100% GUARANTEED  SUCCESS – The Linden Method is guaranteed for 12 months – If we can’t cure you, we don’t want your money.

Providing support, advice and reassurance when YOU need it – The Only program to offer FREE unlimited psychologist, counsellor and specialist support at any time.
The oldest, most established, registered and guaranteed anxiety elimination program – The Linden Method has substance – it is NOT an internet Ebook swiz!
Written by an ex sufferer – Charles Linden suffered from anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia, OCD and Pure O for over 25 years – This solution was developed by him and works EVERY SINGLE time.

Backed up and developed by the world’s leading anxiety elimination authority – Charles Linden has TV series, DVD series, written numerous books, writes for many newspapers and magazines, appears on TV, radio and in web sites. Charles Linden is the international face of stress and anxiety elimination and is also founder of The Charles Linden Foundation for anxious children.

Charles Linden is often described as ‘Anxiety’s Tony Robbins or Dr Phil”

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