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Few things shock me these days but yesterday I was party to a conversation between myself and three ‘mental health professionals’. One man in his 60’s has been practising for over 35 years, the other two were both in their 40’s and had combined experience over 30 years in practice.

I won’t bore you witha  blow-by-blow account of what the conversation was about but I will list their ‘core views’… views I soon commented on and views that I changed in all but one of them… guess which one?

Here is a list of their original core points…

  • Anxiety disorders cannot be cured – What utter rubbish
  • Anxiety and depression are, not only, related but part of the same condition – Totally, medically untrue
  • Depression can only be cured with medication – I have cured thousands without meds
  • Anxiety disorders can only be managed – No, they can be quickly cured
  • Medication addresses the chemicals responsible for anxiety – No!
  • People with anxiety are mentally ill – NO, NO, NO
  • OCD is a depressive condition unrelated to anxiety – Absolutely medically untrue
  • OCD causes anxiety – No… anxiety causes OCD

I could go on but I just can’t. It’s disgusting that these people are spinning this utter nonsense for one of two reasons:

  • They are ignorant to the truth
  • They know the truth but prefer to lie about it

Either way… this is totally unacceptable.

having spent over 2 hours discussing these views, the older chap refused to accept anything I said, despite the fact that I was accompanied by 5 ex-clients who all got quite upset when he told them that he didn’t believe that they were now anxiety free.

The other two are going to retrain as a TLM Anxiety Recovery Coach on our programme next month.

It is both misleadinga nd upsetting for sufferers to be led to believe any of that list is even vaguelly accurate and it is upsetting to see £billion going to waste each year due to the selfish misconceptions spun by peopel controlling mental healthcare.

Recovery IS possible. Quickly and without medication or ‘talking therapies’.

by Charles Linden

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