The Linden Method And OCD

How The Linden Method works with anxiety, panic attacks and phobias is understood clearly, but just recently, I have been asked how effective the Linden Method as an OCD treatment.

First of all, what is OCD?

Anxiety, by definition, causes high anxiety, which, in turn, causes ‘what if’ thoughts… thoughts which make us fear ‘consequences’. What if I don’t check this gain? What if I don’t wash my hands again? These sorts of questions are the thought processes which plague OCD sufferers each and every day and night! Our experience teaching The Linden Method has brought us to a number of conclusions.

So what are these unwanted compulsive thoughts?

a) The symptoms of OCD, a ‘stand alone’ mental illness for which there exists no cure?


b) The inappropriate and embellished versions of NORMAL thought patterns, fueled by high anxiety and caused by an inappropriate habit?

The answer is b, they are embellished version of normal thoughts – in essence, habits! OCD is a symptom of an underlying anxiety condition which forces the anxiety level to a new high, causing the emeblished ‘what if’ thoughts to compel sufferers to carry out certain actions (rituals) in order to control the high anxiety.

The Linden Method eliminates the underlying anxiety which fuels the ‘what if’ thoughts, eliminates the OCD symptoms which ‘worry’ sufferers so much and ultimately STOPS the obsessions and compulsions in their tracks.

This includes things like thoughts of harming others, sexual thoughts, questioning sexuality, thoughts of harming self, thoughts about death, thoughts about illness, ordering an other intrusive and obsessive thoughts.

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Take care.


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