Life after anxiety

Many of our clients ask ‘I have forgotten what it is like to be anxiety free, what will I do with my new-found freedom?”

It’s a very valid question but one that never requires an answer. Whether you have suffered your whole life or for just a short time, the human psyche seems to ‘find it’s own level’.

It’s strange but clients slip back into totally normal behaviours and activities as if they had never had anxiety and they do so without question. The only way they know they are cured is when they suddenly realise they are stood atop an Alp with skis on or swimming in the sea with their children.

“I knew I was cured when I drove to London after just two weeks of starting my ‘home fangled programme’ as it was back then. On arrival, I couldn’t find my phone. I called Beth at home and discovered that I’d left it on the kitchen table. I wouldn’t have left the room, let alone the house, without that phone when I was anxious (in fact, I was housebound and agoraphobic just two weeks before).” Charles Linden

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