Is the NHS broken?

nhs_cartoon_graham_syringe_help_patricia_hewittThere’s nothing much wrong with the NHS.

The media constantly pokes at, what they portray as a near dead carcass, with a long and fragile stick, but in reality, the NHS is doing massively more good than harm. I love the NHS… they have been invaluable to me and my family. They kept some of my loved ones comfortable and calm in their final hours… for that I am always endebted.

It is my view that the issues around mental health in the NHS, which interest me more than others at present, aren’t about insufficient resources, they are solely about misinformation and the misapropriation of well meaning, highly capable employees battling a fire breathing dragon with a salami. I think there are people within the NHS who protect practice models which have no sound medical basis and even less curative evidence and I think these same people don’t mind that service users are getting no better. Why? because these people rely on what’s there… financially and reputationally.

Having helped over 170,000 people directly over the last 17 years and putting ‘clinical trials’ and ‘evidence’ very purposefully aside, we hold data that underlines and cements the beliefs on which every recovery we create is based. The fact that other things don’t work are the very definite physiological reason that what we do DOES.

It’s not rocket science and I’m no doctor of psychology or psycho-physiologist, but it’s relatively clear and sane to say that when it’s covered in feathers and it quacks, those who shout ‘dog!’ are clearly either heavily misinformed, institutionalised or have set up a dog grooming business and have sound commercial reasons to shave a duck.

If our data showed that what we do is marginaly better than other options, I’d shut up and get on with it, but that simply isn’t the case, which is why I shout DUCK when I see one!

Anxiety disorders are…

  • not depression
  • not mental illness
  • OCD isn’t a stand alone condition
  • OCD, agoraphobia, PTSD, eating disorders, panic disorder are all ‘symptoms’ of an anxiety disorder
  • all high anxiety conditions can be eliminated entirely
  • anxiety is inappropriate manifestation of the emotion of fear
  • anxiety is never acceptable
  • CBT is counter-productive in the treatment of anxiety disorders
  • anxiety disorders are not ’caused’ by trauma, trauma can be the catalyst but not the cause

So what’s my point?

Thousands of well meaning people are teaching people to ‘practice’ their anxiety whilst we show people how to move away from it and we do so because we understand anxiety, we’ve lived it and we know how to switch it off.

Doesn’t every sufferer need to be anxiety disorder free? Doesn’t every practitioner want to cure every patient?

A practice model exists that delivers both, with no threat to the current psychological workforce, but which can deliver massive financial benefits to the CCGs and central government.

TENS of £billions can be saved… lives can be saved… funds can be more appropriately repurposed…

…the upshot… no shaved ducks, happier patients… happier employees and a healthier Britain.

THis month alone I have spoken to over 30 psychotherapists and psychologists who work within GP practices and hospitals and in every single case, they were excited about the prospect about adding skills through CPD that not only improved patient outcomes but embellished the practitioner’s sense of fulfilment and gave them structured tools and resources to use in order to ensure compliance and ultimate recovery… doesn’t that sound like a good thing? If then, the side-effect of this is that the NHS saves £billions… well… ‘job done’ I’d say.

17 years and 170,000 people… that’s a lot of data… but SOME, not all, duck shavers out there still shout ‘evidence’ hoping that red tape and the ‘system’ will keep us down despite thousands of people, even celebrities, shouting from the roof tops about how they and those they love have been helped by us.

GAD7 18.24 to GAD7 2.84 – This is the average reduction in over 60 patients in our most recent test – Even the duck shavers have to admit that EVEN with a hypothetical 80% margin of error, those numbers are far beyond anything else out there.

A 20% recovery rate would be incredible for any other practice model, but we are showing that our Method produces recovery rates above 99% in complying clients and the science dictates a 100% recovery rate, so I’m being conservative and cautious with my 99%!

So shout ‘evidence’ as loud as you like nay-sayers – but we’ll just continue doing what we do best

Charles Linden – The Linden Method

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