Counselling V Psycho-educational Recovery for Anxiety Disorder Treatment

anxiety disorder treatment


If you are easily offended by the truth, it’s probably best you don’t read this article. This isn’t a dig… it’s an attempt to appeal to those with integrity and good hearts to save millions of people…

When people are referred to ‘talking’ therapy, counselling or CBT, there’s a massive assumption made… …That the practitioner is both capable and competent… but what do you actually get?

The truth is that you don’t get what was prescribed weeks/months earlier.

You see, a referral to a counsellor or psychologist opens up an opportunity for them to throw as much of their CPD and ‘personal journey’ at the problem as possible. Most of the people I saw over 14-16 years weren’t fit to do the job. Poor communication skills, poor language skills, often anxious themselves, angry and aggressive, smelling of booze, messy homes… many appeared to have retrained later in life after their own trauma or issues… which they often didn’t mind telling you about… sometimes in detail.

When we need surgery we make assumptions about competency… we don’t check, we assume that the hospital has done that; but we trust our lives to people we don’t know, safe in the knowledge that someone has done their homework. Having said that “Thousands of doctors practice in the UK without qualifications” was a recent headline I saw… god knows how many untrained of the lower ranks are ‘set free’ on us.

But who checked the credentials of the 63 year old counsellor I saw once. The one that tried to regress me; told me I had been a killer in a past life; told me to light a fire in the garden and dance around it, told me to buy dirty magazines and masturbate myself well. Or the psychologist who did karate moves on me to try to evoke a panic attack.

You think I am kidding? They were all, to a greater or slightly lesser, degree, all quite barmy… but the point is, they did NOT deliver what they were charging the insurance companies and NHS for. They’re loose canons. Now I know that even IF they had delivered the core therapy, it would have been just as ineffective… and people wonder why systems fail and suffering escalates.

When I was referred to countless people over many years across many healthcare trusts and private practice, I was referred for anxiety management or CBT, but what I got included exposure therapy, paper bag techniques, reiki, regression and hypnosis (yeh right), tree hugging (oh yes), breathing exercises, posture advice, recordings of a visualization, ‘face the fear’ type techniques, diarising and rating my anxiety, skull massage, spirit-healing, magic stones, an angel (yes, my grandad apparently, complete with flat cap) and much more… in fact on many occassions, it led me to feel like it wasn’t worth going on at all and it caused massive rifts with family as the ‘therapist’ tried to assign blame to people I love. One day, I left therapy in my little car and mounted the curb as I sobbed and sobbed about hating a family member. I didn’t hate them.

What didn’t I get from these ‘professionals’?

ZERO clear advice, structure, explanations of symptoms, strategies, hope of recovery, interim support, ongoing support.

After 6 sessions, unless I was paying (which I eventually did through remortgaging and losing my home on lost promises) you are abnadoned and pushed back into a system that doesn’t know what to do with you… you become a ‘heart-sink’ patient… a ‘frequent-flier… a serious pain in the system’s wallet.

PSYCHO-EDUCATION on the other hand…

One science, one structure, one process, a vast lexicon of reassuring answers to every question and unlimited, seamless guidance by qualified recovery practitioners leading to full recovery. PLUS a bank of quick-fix apps and tools to assist you to relax, stop panic attacks, stop phobias, stop intrussive thoughts and feel compelled to continue due to the fast results experienced.

There’s not just a difference… there’s a chasm of difference and the client/partient FEELS it from the first day!

Actual recover v months of pointless chatting and bad advice?

No wait times, no chatting, no frustration… clear, structured, supportive advice and guidance that makes you feel like things are changing.

Now if you think this is the bitter sound of wasted money and sour grapes… you’d be partially correct, but please put it down to 22 years of suffering and tolerating this nonsense, a forced bankruptcy due to shattered hope and over 20 years seeing tens of thousands of innocent people suffering under the same treatment.

It’s shameful. Now look, I’m not a psychologist or psychiatriust but I have personally changed 1000’s of lives and saved a few too… for a fraction of the cost… often without a charge… what does that tell us?

Sure there are good and bad, but PLEASE good ones, show us your recovery data like we show ours for all to see and if you can’t present it in piles after years of ‘practice’… move over before you cause more damage to vulnerable people who just need a solution that works.

We are the only provider of psycho-educational recovery programmes. 100% recovery efficacy in trials and practice. Online, app, workshop, corporate, residential. Recovery practitioner accreditation and implementation in the workplace.


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