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The rubbish people say about mental health and anxiety

Charles Linden – The Linden Method Few things shock me these days but yesterday I was party to a conversation between myself and three ‘mental health professionals’. One man in his 60’s has been practising for over 35 years, the other two were both in their 40’s and had combined experience over 30 years in […]

I will show you how to recover from anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia, OCD or PTSD

How Long Do Panic Attacks Last?

How long do panic attacks last? The answer to that question really depends on who you ask! If you ask someone who doesn’t know the true nature of panic attacks and their underlying anxiety disorder, they will provide a description and explanation based on one generally accepted truth. This accepted truth is partly right but […]

Thanatophobia – Fear of death

Is Thanatophobia a phobia? The short answer is NO. Phobias are learned, habitual responses born of a fear response. Phobias develop because a person has, a some point in time, had a fear response activated during exposure to the catalyst. For example, a person with Arachnophobia, will have, at some point in time, been conditioned […]

Post natal anxiety OR post natal depression? What’s the difference?

Over the 14 years I have been coaching people with anxiety, I have seen, spoken to and been party to many women who have been diagnosed with post and pre natal depression (often referred to as post-partum depression), however, in almost every case, those very same people have been experiencing high anxiety and/or panic attacks. […]

Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Marijuana, Cannabis, Hash, Hashish, Pot, Weed, Dope

Do you smoke Cannabis?   Whether you call it Cannabis, Marijuana, Hash, Hashish, Pot, Weed or Dope is irrelevant… it’s the same substance, it creates the same chemical changes in your body and mind and it can cause anxiety and panic attacks to develop. Am I talking sometimes? No, I am talking OFTEN. Over the […]

Breakthrough Research Shatters a Medical Myth

Why YOU suffer from anxiety and/or panic attacks… the truth.   Read this article and discover the truth about your anxiety disorder. Humans have always been prone to developing high levels of anxiety at the hands of  ‘so called’ anxiety disorders, including panic disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, agoraphobia and post traumatic stress disorder. New groundbreaking […]

PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

PTSD or post traumatic stress disorder, is no different to any other high anxiety condition; it is created and formed when the anxiety levels, controlled by the anxiety control mechanism in the brain and ‘programmed’ by the sensory organs which data back to it, don’t go back to your ‘birth preset’ anxiety level after a […]

PTSD (post tramatic stress disorder) – Why it’s not what you think it is!

PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) is not a mental illness, so what is it? We all experience unpleasant and traumatic things as we pass through life… unfortunately, those who are born with high creative intellect and who are therefore prone to developing high anxiety conditions, respond inappropriately to those experiences and develop anxiety conditions. Trauma […]

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