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Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Anxiety AttacksCharles Linden (February 4 1968 – Present) anxiety disorder specialist and author. Charles given name at birth was Charles Linden Griffiths but since he was born, was always known as ‘Charlie,’ till starting at a very old-fashioned school aged 8, where he became ‘Charles Linden’ or just ‘Linden’.

Charles researched and developed a method for elimination of inappropriate anxiety in humans based on continuing research and trials conducted with sufferers of anxiety disorders such as panic disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, agoraphobia and social phobia.

An anxiety disorder sufferer himself experiencing agoraphobia, depersonalization, derealization, panic attacks, obsessions and phobias, Charles researched the field exhaustively before developing his own treatment methodology.

Charles is author of a number of resources including The Linden Method – For anxiety, panic attacks and phobias, a number of DVD programmes, books, CDs, a television series ‘Stress Less with Charles Linden’  and other resources; he is also founder of The Charles Linden Foundation, a non profit organisation for young people with anxiety disorders.

Charles’ theories have been widely used in order to eliminate the subconscious anxious habit which drives anxiety disorders by doctors, psychologists and government agencies.

Charles was born in Worcestershire in the UK and attended the University of  Wolverhampton where he gained a BA in visual media. After graduation Charles spent a number of years working in television as a director/producer whilst working nights on his research and writing.Having researched and developed his theories regarding the successful elimination of anxiety conditions, Charles made a career decision to continue research and development of his theories. In 1999 Linden opened the first Linden Centre and dedicated his time to providing learning resources to sufferers of anxiety disorders from all over the world. The Linden Centres are now active in the USA, UK, Germany, Denmark and Spain.

Charles’ anxiety life coaching centers, residential programs and staff now provide support and advice exclusively for sufferers in English, French, German and Spanish.

“What we do makes what I endured for almost quarter of a century worth it. The successes and stories of transformation fill my heart with a satisfying sense of having helped so many people from around the world.” Charles Linden

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